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Check out these high performance heat resistant fabrics and wraps. They're ideal for high temperature automotive and industrial applications. Everything we sell is made in the USA.

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Heat Resistant Gladiator Gold Tape Gladiator Heat Resistant Fiberglass Tape Gladiator Gold™ Tape
Heat Reflecting Wrap <center>Z-Flex Aluminized Fiberglass Fabric (2 Yards) <center>Z-Flex Aluminum Foil Fabric (1 Yard)
<center>ZetexPlus Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabric (2 Yards) <center>Z-Flex Aluminized Aramid Fabric (2 Yards) <center>Z-Block Fire & Smoke Resistant Fabric with Silicone Overcoat (2 Yards)
Zetex P-1050 4.0" Tape <center>Z-Flex F-781 Aluminized Fiberglass Fabric (1 Yard)
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